Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning Services*

There are many ways to give away money, from one-off cash gifts to setting up trusts, passing on pensions or gifting a regular income. With Inheritance Tax usually charged at 40%, taking action early means more of your money goes to those who matter.

Through estate planning, we’ll not only help you plan to pass on money when you die, but to make sure you have enough to live on while successfully planning the legacy you’ll leave for future generations. We’ll talk you through the options available, guiding your choices and working with you to reduce or manage Inheritance Tax.

Passing on a pension has become a popular estate planning tool since it is free from Inheritance Tax. Where possible, we’ll help you work out how to fund your retirement from other sources, allowing you to leave your pension untouched and pass it on to your family tax-free.


*This service is not regulated by the FCA