The story behind Macdonald Wealth.

Sunrise on the shores of the Firth of Clyde

I grew up in a county called Ayrshire on the west coast of Scotland. It’s a beautiful place along the shores of the Firth of Clyde, full of farmland and windswept coastal paths.

When I was a young boy I spent a lot of time outside playing golf and football. That competitive spirit hasn’t left me, I still love to tee off as often as possible.

When I wasn’t on the football pitch or playing golf as a wee boy, I dreamed of better things.

Like a lot of people who grew up in small towns, I wanted more. I wanted to get out, explore the world and enter the business of finance.

I worked hard at my A-Levels, left my home town and went to Strathclyde University. I graduated with honours in Finance and Economics in 2011, which was a proud day for me and my entire family.

After graduation, I was lucky enough to be picked for an eminent graduate scheme with Morgan Stanley. I threw myself into the new world of finance. This meant a fast-paced lifestyle, long hours and exciting challenges. I loved every minute of it. As a boy from coastal Scotland, I was living my dream.

After 3 years with Morgan Stanley, I joined RBS and entered the world of private banking. I specialised in working with high net worth individuals, combining the understanding I’d gained of investment from my time at Morgan Stanley with the relational skills required dealing with peoples finances.

Portrait Image of Niall

This was a pivotal time for my career development. Watching my clients grow pushed me to achieve the best results I could for each one.

I created detailed financial plans and would proactively identify opportunities for clients. It was here that I began to see the impact that financial advice can have on someone’s life.

I’ve always been a self-starter. I enjoyed the world of investment banking, but I wanted to do more. So, I decided to take financial advice qualifications without the support of an employer. I studied for the exams and passed, which felt like a huge accomplishment for me personally.

Part of the reason I now needed to be more self-sufficient was that I’d become a father, and I wanted to provide the best possible opportunities for my daughter. I knew that I could set up my own business, work hard for my clients and earn enough to support my family.

Growing any business takes determination and hard work. I founded Macdonald Wealth from a genuine desire to help others; to grow their aspirations, to make a better, more secure future possible. Being my own boss also meant I finally had time for the things I loved.

Spending time with my daughter, the occasional round of golf, and time for myself and my clients. There was no pressure to take over the world, so I could devote myself fully to a select group of people who I wanted to work with.

My story hasn’t been an easy one. I’ve faced many challenges and setbacks along the way, but I’ve learned something too. As a Chartered Wealth Manager with Level 7 qualification, I know I’ve studied for, paid for and grown my own business the way I wanted to.

Working closely with clients makes me happy, as does providing others with security and reassurance. 

Macdonald Wealth was designed to help others achieve their financial goals.